Current Members

Mohsen Amini Salehi, Ph.D (Director)

  • Contact: amini[at]
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Sahan Ahmad (PhD Student)

  • Working on Secure Multi-source Semantic Search  in Cloud
  • Contact:



Chavit Denninart (PhD Student)

  • Developing transcoding engine for interactive
    video streaming
  • Contact:

Razin Farhan Hussain (PhD Student)

  • Working on Community Cloud for Disaster
    Management Using Radio Wireless Networks
  • Contact: 

Sakib Zobaed (PhD Student)

  • Working on Secure Information Search
    for Proactive Detection of Criminal Activities
  • Contact:

Vaughan Veillon (Master’s Student)

  • Implementing Cloud-Based Video Streaming
  • Contact:

James Gentry (Master’s Student)

  • Working on resource allocation in heterogeneous computing systems.
  • Contact: 

Hoang Pham (Undergraduate Researcher)

  • Working on Implementation of Secure Semantic Search on Cloud
  • Contact:


Anna Kovalenko (Undergraduate Researcher)

  • Working on Community Cloud for Disaster
    Management Using Radio Wireless Networks
  • Contact:

Former Members

Mahmoud Darwich (PhD Student)

      • Aug. ’15 – Dec. ’17
      • Thesis: Cost-Efficient Video On Demand (VOD) Streaming Using Cloud Services
      • Currently, a faculty member at Navajo Technical University, New Mexico, USA.
      • Contact:

Xiangbo Li (PhD Student)

  • March ’15 – Dec ’16
  • Thesis: High Performance on-demand Video
    Transcoding using Cloud Services
  • Currently working at Brightcove Inc.
  • Contact:

Jason Woodworth (Master’s Student)

  • Jan ’16 – May ’17
  • Thesis: Secure Semantic Search Over Encrypted Big Data in the Cloud (PDF)
  • Contact: jww7675[at]
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Brad Landreneau
(Undergraduate Researcher)

  • May ’16 – Dec. ’16
  • Implemented on-demand transcoding for video streaming on a local cluster
  • Currently working at NASA Stennis Space Center.
  • Contact: bradlandreneau[at]


Kaleb Heinzen (Undergraduate Researcher)

  • Aug ’16 – Dec ’16
  • Implemented Cloud Video Streaming on Cloud and provided a web interface for it
  • Currently at XXXX
  • Contact: kwh6749[at]


Mateus Souza (Undergraduate Intern)

  • Worked in the HPCC lab. during summer 2016
  • Now at Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina
  • Worked on implementing a CPU-GPU cluster
  • Contact: mateuscarlossouza[at]
 picture Mateus