Semantic Search Over Encrypted Data in Cloud

Cloud storage is becoming an increasingly popular option for businesses and individuals who do not want to maintain large data centers on their own premises. While this offers many benefits, there still exist many threats to the users’ privacy.  To preserve privacy, sensitive information can be encrypted before being stored on the cloud. However, this limits the user’s ability to interact with and “search” over the data. As such, the problem we investigate in this project is how to enable search operation over encrypted data in cloud?

As we are in the era of Big Data, we are interested in performing semantic search over the encrypted data. The reason is that, when we deal with Big Data, it is difficult for users to remember exact keywords to search.

In this project, we present a solution to the problem of semantic search over encrypted data in cloud without revealing any data during the storage or processing of the search query.

** Researchers or practitioners who use this tool in their work/research are requested to cite our published paper on this project in the following format. The PDF of the paper shares explains more details of the project and the developed tool.

“Jason Woodworth, Mohsen Amini Salehi, Vijay Raghavan, S3C: An Architecture for Space-Efficient Semantic Search over Encrypted Data in the Cloud, in Workshop on Privacy and Security of Big Data (PSBD) as part of the IEEE Big Data Conference, Washington DC,  USA, Dec. 2016.”