Open Positions

Several Open Positions are Available in the HPCC Lab.

We have several openings for Ph.D, M. Sc., and B.Sc. (Interns, Capston Project) students with the Computer Science/Engineering background.

Areas of Interest

Topics of interest includes (but not limited to) the following areas:

  • Resource allocation in Cloud Computing
  • Heterogeneous Distributed Systems
  • Video Streaming using Cloud
  • Cloud federation (for natural disaster management applications)
  • Cloud Computing and IOT
  • Big Data and Stream Processing using Cloud
  • Big Data Security in Cloud


  • Enthusiasm
  • Hard working
  • Team Working
  • Strong Computer Science/Engineering background (mainly in Operating Systems, Computer Networks, and Distributed Systems)
  • Strong programming skills (mainly Java, C/C++, and Python)
  • Strong theory skills  (mainly in Math and Statistics)
  • Decent communication and English skills


Members of the HPCC lab. can be supported in one of the following ways:

  • Research Assistantship (is available for some projects)
  • Teaching Assistantship (is available for graduate students through the school of Computing and Informatics)

How To Apply

Simply email the HPCC lab. director (amini[at] and attach your CV and (informal) transcripts.