HِPCC Lab. Director, Dr. Amini, Received “Innovation Award” from UL Lafayette

17 Nov

On Nov. 16th 2017, director of HPCC lab, Dr. Amini, received two awards, namely “Innovation Award” and “Certificate of Achievement in Sponsored Research” at University of Louisiana Lafayette.

Presentation of the awards took place on Wednesday November 15th, during Research Recognition Ceremony at LITE Center in Research Park,  Lafayette, Louisiana. In the ceremony, researchers and faculties with significant contributions to research, innovation, and scholarship portfolio during 2016 – 2017 Academic School Year were awarded.

Dr. Amini was selected for the “Innovation Award” because of his innovations in “Cloud-based Video Streaming” and “Cloud-based Secure Search Over Encrypted Data” projects along with former HPCC lab members , Dr. Xiangbo Li and Mr. Jason Woodworth. He has recently filed two U.S. patents on these projects. In addition he has had publications in outstanding Journals and Conferences, including IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems (TPDS) during the Academic School year. Dr. Amini has also received external research funding from Amazon AWS cloud, Board of Regents of Louisiana, and applied for several other grants during this academic year.