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The lab was founded and is directed by Dr. Mohsen Amini, at the School of Computing and Informatics, at University of Louisiana Lafayette. The lab currently has 6 members including 2 PhD students, 2 Master’s students, and 3 Undergraduate students, all with the Computer Science and Engineering background.

Cloud computing and services has revoluted the world of computing and Information technology. Many of the high performance applications that either were not possible or were too difficult to process are now doable with the ubiquitous and inexpensive computing, storage, and networking resources offered by Cloud providers. However, efficient utilization of Cloud resources is not effortless and is highly dependent on the nature of applications using the services.

Accordingly, the focus of the HPCC research lab. is on providing efficient solutions for high performance computing applications using Cloud services. The researchers in the lab are interested in several aspects Cloud services such as resource allocation, security, virtualization, and heterogeneity.

Through this website, you can find more detailed information about the projects, people, and activities of the HPCC lab.

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